Cultivating careers for the future

Looking back, would you have chosen the career you did?
Do you feel that you were supported and informed to make a decision that would set you on a career path for the next forty years or more?

When young people have a strong sense of who they are and can determine the trajectory of their futures, they are more likely to make positive decisions. The Career Connect Group  build on the use of innovative, digital interactive platforms and techniques, to create career guidance that offers youth a unique space where they can be empowered with supportive services and assessment tools to understand their abilities, interests, talents, skills and goals. 

Using state-of-the-art technology, the career guidance platform provides educators, schools, learners and parents, with a resource at their fingertips to help them navigate important considerations towards attaining a fulfilling career path. Enabling healthy decision making, saving time and resources.

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Career Assessments (Self-Awareness)

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Career matching & pathing

Career development (coaching & mentorship)

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